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Gen-info is a knowledge-derived small and medium enterprise (SME), primarily focused on data analysis. The company was founded in 2008 and has been working ever since, mainly focusing on international vendors. Currently we are participating in a number of research projects, including EU FP7 DENAMIC. The company is fully recognized by the European Commission and has been assigned a PIC registration (our PIC is: 972330329). Other partners in research include several universities across Europe and a number of pharmaceutical companies in Croatia and abroad. 


The company has been issued a certificate in support of research activities by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports in 2009. Our research activities have so far resulted in a number of publications, including several publications in prominent journals like Nature Genetics. 


We are interested in joining international consortia, where we can serve as data management support team or take on various other tasks related to a broad scope of research and management activities.  

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Gen-info LLC (Ltd)

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